Storm Damage

allas Custom Roofing has you covered for all storm related damage to your roof due to wind or hail insurance claims. We specialize in storm damaged Dallas roofs.


Why Dallas Custom Roofing is a smart choice

  • Professional expert service technicians at your fingertips
  • FREE no obligation storm damage roof inspection
  • Expert insurance claims assistance
  • Convenient one stop shop for all storm damage to your home

We know how frustrating it can be when sudden leaks develop from hail or wind damage. With Dallas Custom Roofing, you can rest easy knowing that we will assist you with locating the damage and repairing your home quickly and efficiently. One of our expert service technicians will assist you every step of the way.   


Often times, if the storm damage is significant, Dallas Custom Roofing can help you with your insurance claim. Because leaks don't show immediately after a hail storm, it is wise to have one of our specialists inspect your roof for hail or wind damage. Prevention is key, many times leaks from hail damage take time to develop and often can cause excessive and expensive water damage to your home if not properly identified early. We work with all major insurance companies and are experienced in dealing with adjusters and storm estimate claims. Let one of our service technicians inspect your roof to see if it warrants an insurance claim. 

Know that a Dallas Custom Roofing is committed to serving you with unparalleled customer service.

Start by getting a quick, convenient FREE no obligation storm damage roof inspection.